62 Unique Blog Topic Ideas

March 5, 2017

Need help finding a topic to write about? Having writers block? It happens to the best of us. I to have those occasional days of figuring out what to write about. I normally have 100 things racing through my mind, however once I start writing I am lost for words.

Since I have been bogging for more than 6 months I have found it easier to find things in my niche that I can talk about. Before I share with you the 62 Unique topics. Let me share with you ways to also help you find ideas.

  1. Google search: Pick a topic and hit enter, scroll to the middle or end of page and see what other people are looking for.
  2. Google Keyword: Another great place to look for keywords to help you to be found.
  3. Answer the Public: I can not tell you how useful this site has been for me. All you have to do is type in a keyword and it will give you questions people want to know. From there you can have a topic. For an example. Travel: How to Travel to Cuba?: Your new topic How I traveled to Cuba.

Here is the list below for your any niche:


  • Favorite fashion designer
  • Favorite place to shop for clothes
  • What is your fashion style
  • How to dress like your favorite celebrity
  • Clothing haul
  • DIY clothing
  • Best online clothing store
  • Outfit of the day


  • How to make your own ……….
  • Your favorite beauty products
  • Top makeup products
  • Best hair products
  • Top …….. beauty products
  • Nail tutorials
  • Hairstyle tutorials
  • Makeup tutorials
  • The best way to get rid of……..
  • Makeup hauls


  • Workout playlist
  • Workout plan
  • Healthy eating
  • How to lose weight
  • Weight loss journey
  • Loss weight in ……… days
  • How to workout


  • Favorite meal
  • Easy meal plans
  • Pre-made meal plans
  • How to prep food
  • How to store food
  • Food hauls
  • Best couponing methods
  • Cooking equipment you use
  • Favorite kid meals
  • Weekly/monthly food plans


  • Step by step on how to build a blog
  • Best tools for blogging
  • Top blogging practices
  • Best blog platform
  • Share writing tips
  • Top wordpress plugins
  • Best hosting
  • How to build your business
  • How to promote your blog


  • Things you don’t know about me
  • Favorite movie
  • Favorite music
  • Best dollar store hauls
  • DIY crafts
  • Craft tutorials
  • Travel bucket list
  • How to pack for vacation
  • Traveling with kids
  • Best road trips
  • Places to visit before you die
  • How to get travel deals
  • Book review
  • What you have learned
  • Advice for your younger self
  • Advice your parents gave you
  • Parenting

If you have any great blog topic ideas please comment and share. I hope you have enjoyed and find this helpful.







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Veronica @inveronicascorner
Veronica @inveronicascorner

These are some great topic tips! Thanks for sharing. 🙂


thank you

Lisa Newman-Morris
Lisa Newman-Morris

These are great places to start for any blogger!


thank you


Thank you for putting this topic list together! I will be back for reference in the future!


Love the ideas! There are some days where the creative juices just are not flowing and having a list to spark some ideas is great!


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[…] type of audience. I have done my resource on topics within a niche that might help you decide, click here. Need niche ideas here are a few to help you […]

What Mum eats

Thank you for sharing! I found this really useful, i have just started a new blog so you have given me some ideas for blog posts.

ibrar ahmad

Thanks admin and article writer,both are great idea about blogging niche

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